Technical Notes

(last update 2020-12-18)


11. KAIST-SSS-TN-2020, Park, Jeonghwan, “Optical Flow 알고리즘을 이용한 영상에서의 동적 특징점 추적”

10. KAIST-SSS-TN-2020, Choi, Jaeyong (Andrew), “Introduction to Onboard Machine Learning System Raspberry Pi 4 with Intel Movidius Neural Computer Stick 2”

9. KAIST-SSS-TN-2020, Choi, Jaeyong (Andrew),Introduction to NVIDIA Jetson TX2 with CNN Deep Learning Tutorials”

8. KAIST-SSS-TN-2020, Addo-Akoto, Reynolds, “Aerodynamic Force/Moment Measurement Using the Water Tank Set-up”

7. KAIST-SSS-TN-2020, Yang, Hyeon-Ho, “Aeroelastic Analysis of Flat Wing Using 2-D Unsteady Vortex Lattice Method”

6. KAIST-SSS-TN-2020, Hwang, Yong-Ha, “Weight Reduction Analysis of Hover Bike Frame Using Genetic Algorithm”

5. KAIST-SSS-TN-2020, Chung, Ba-Woul, “Considerations for 3D printing”

4. KAIST-SSS-TN-2020, Purtra, Genio Odi, “Laminated Composite Modeling and Analysis Methods using ANSYS ACP-Mechanical”

3.  KAIST-SSS-TN-2020, Hwang, Yong-Ha, “ControlDesk set-up to utilize DAQ board-DS1202”

2. KAIST-SSS-TN-2020, Hwang, Dae-Hyun, “Mesh convergence for wave propagation analysis”

1. KAIST-SSS-TN-2020, Hwang, Dae-Hyun, “Important considerations when designing and manufacturing mechanical elements”



20. KAIST-SSS-TN-2019, Suh, Jong-Eun, “Investigation on the shock attenuation rules, and application of it to derive the shock environment at the SAR antenna mounting I/F of the satellite”

19. KAIST-SSS-TN-2019, Suh, Jong-Eun, “ANSYS Sine-vibration analysis for deriving the sine-vibration environment at the SAR antenna mounting I/F: User manual and analysis environment”

18. KAIST-SSS-TN-2019, Yang, Hyeon-Ho, “Electromagnet Model of Cylindrical Neodymium Magnet and Design of Magnetic Bi-stable Mechanism”

17. KAIST-SSS-TN-2019, Choi, Jaeyong (Andrew), “Introduction to object detection using YOLOv3 and training with custom data set”

16. KAIST-SSS-TN-2019, Yang, Hyeon-Ho, “Laser Cutter Manual: Universal VLS”

15. KAIST-SSS-TN-2019, Kim, Tae-Hyun, “User Manual of ADAMS Dynamic Simulation for Analysis of SAR Antenna Vibration and Analysis Environment”

14. KAIST-SSS-TN-2019, Chung, Ba-Woul, “Approximation Method of Linear Lateral Sloshing using Equivalent Mechanical Model”

13. KAIST-SSS-TN-2019, Yun, Jong-Min, “Real-time numerical integration of acceleration sensor signal”

12. KAIST-SSS-TN-2019, Choi, Jaeyong (Andrew), “Brief Introduction to Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) with Basic Tutorials”

11.  KAIST-SSS-TN-2019, Yang, Hyeon-Ho, “MPS(Moving Particle Simulation) using RecurDyn and Particleworks”

10.  KAIST-SSS-TN-2019, Yang, Hyeon-Ho, “Revolute Robot Arm Control through Co-simulation of RecurDyn and Simulink”

9. KAIST-SSS-TN-2019, Choi, Jaeyong (Andrew), “ROS Installation Procedure with Guide for Motor and Manipulator Control”

8. KAIST-SSS-TN-2019, Yoon, Jong-Min, “Development of integrated linear flutter analysis module for emulated flutter test”

7. KAIST-SSS-TN-2019, Reynolds Addo-Akoto, “Flow Visualization around a Flapping Wing in Hover: Phase Lock DPIV method”

6. KAIST-SSS-TN-2019, Park, Hyun-Su, “Honeycomb sandwich panel insert production and installation manual”

5. KAIST-SSS-TN-2019, Hwang, Dae-Hyun, “INTEL MPI Setup for ANSYS AUTODYN Parallel Computing”

4. KAIST-SSS-TN-2019, Hwang, Dae-Hyun, “Pyrolock separation behavior simulation: formation and GUI”

3. KAIST-SSS-TN-2019, Kim, Ho-Young, “PIV Uncertainty Calculation”

2. KAIST-SSS-TN-2019, Kim, Ho-Young, “Linux – Environment Setup: Machine Learning”

1. KAIST-SSS-TN-2019, Yoon, Do-Hee, “Mathematical Model of Control Moment Gyroscope”



14. KAIST-SSS-TN-2018, Kim, Tae-Hyun, “Establishment of Analysis Environment for Flexible Structure in MSC.ADAMS using MSC.PATRAN.”

13. KAIST-SSS-TN-2018, Park, Hyun-Su, “Honeycomb structure modeling and meshing methods for finite element analysis”

12. KAIST-SSS-TN-2018, Choi, Jaeyong (Andrew), “Introduction to Genetic Algorithm and Application in Structural Damage Detection”

11. KAIST-SSS-TN-2018, Suh, Jong-Eun, “Notes on MATLAB ODE solver”

10. KAIST-SSS-TN-2018, Lee, Jong-Wan and Kim, Dae-Yeon, “Multi-body modeling in MSC.ADAMS using the motion study of SOLIDWORKS”

9. KAIST-SSS-TN-2018, Dhital, Kailash, “Subsonic Flutter Emulation of Cantilever and Composite Plates: Numerical Approach”

8. KAIST-SSS-TN-2018, Kim, Dae-Yeon, “Establishing a simulation environment of a spin table system using ADAMS”

7. KAIST-SSS-TN-2018, Lee, So Jeong, “Manual and Characteristic of Pyroshock Simulator”

6. KAIST-SSS-TN-2018, Choi, Jaeyong (Andrew), “Basic knowledge of Video Motion Magnification Methods and Applications”

5. KAIST-SSS-TN-2018, Hwang, Dae-hyun, “Mechanical interaction simulation using MATLAB ODE45 solver ”

4. KAIST-SSS-TN-2018, Yun, Jong-Min, “Designing MIMO shaker force controller based on the inverse-transfer function matrix: The detailed overall procedure ”

3. KAIST-SSS-TN-2018, Yun, Jong-Min, “Development and validation of in-house program for post processing of modal testing data”

2. KAIST-SSS-TN-2018, Yoon, Do-Hee, “Mathematical model of Viscoelastic Material”

1. KAIST-SSS-TN-2018, Yoon, Do-Hee, “Modeling for Micro-vibration of reaction Wheel: Review on MIT Masterson’s Model”



1. KAIST-SSS-TN-2017, Han, Jong-Seob, “Matlab-based Semi-empirical quasi-steady aerodynamic model for insect-like flapping wings”



2. KAIST-SSS-TN-2016, Yun, Jong-Min, “Development and validation of in-house program for post processing of modal test data”

1. KAIST-SSS-TN-2016, Choi, Sang-Yeon, “Matlab-Simulink-MSC.Adams Integrated Simulation Environment”



12. KAIST-SSS-TN-2015, Kwon, Chang Beom, “Attempts to use the MSBS in dynamic wind tunnel test and improvement plan of the MSBS”

11.KAIST-SSS-TN-2015, Han, Jong Seob, “Coordinate system of FWMAV”

10. KAIST-SSS-TN-2015, Kim, Joong-Kwan, “Adams/Flex Theory and an example of substructure synthesis”

9. KAIST-SSS-TN-2015, Dhital, Kailash, “Flutter Determinant of Simply Supported Rectangular Plate using Piston Theory”

8. KAIST-SSS-TN-2015, Lee, Juho, “Measurement and Data Processing of Pyroshock”

7. KAIST-SSS-TN-2015, Yoon, Jong-Min, “Principle and procedures of stereo camera calibration

6. KAIST-SSS-TN-2015, Lee, Juho, “Separation Behaviour Analysis Procedure of Low-Shock Pyrotechnic Mechanical Devices for AUTODYN users”

5. KAIST-SSS-TN-2015, Hwang, Dae-Hyun,” Literature survey on separation devices using pyrotechnic mechanism”

4. KAIST-SSS-TN-2015, Nguyen, Anh Tuan, “Application of Unsteady Vortex lattice Method to Insect Flapping Wings”

3. KAIST-SSS-TN-2015, Choi, Sang-Yeon, “The effect of the abdomen deformation on the longitudinal stability of flying insects”

2. KAIST-SSS-TN-2015, Nguyen, Anh Tuan, “Unsteady Vortex Lattice Method Program for Low-Speed Aircraft”

1. KAIST-SSS-TN-2015, Kim, Joong-Kwan,”Matlab-Adams integrated environment”



4. KAIST-SSS-TN-2014, Kwon, Chang-Bum, “Flexible multi-body  dynamics Analysis”

3. KAIST-SSS-TN-2014, Choi, Sang-Yeon, “Aircraft wing structure analysis using ANSYS and Solidworks.”

2. KAIST-SSS-TN-2014, Hwang, Dae-Hyun, “Design of I-Beam girder of single girder overhead crane with low-headroom hoist using Solidworks and ANSYS workbench.”

1. KAIST-SSS-TN-2014, Lee, Juho, “Separation behavior analysis procedure of explosive bolts for ANSYS AUTODYN users.”



3. KAIST-SSS-TN-2013, Yoon, Jong-Min, “DS1103 Manual – Installation & Application.”

2. KAIST-SSS-TN-2013, Park, Jae-Won, “KUH main rotor small-scale model wind tunnel test – SPR-based blade motion measurement, v.2.”

1. KAIST-SSS-TN-2013, Lee, Dong-Kyu, “Submission process and travel journal of ICRA.”



3. KAIST-SSS-TN-2012, Park, Geeyong, “Space qualification test and basic material properties test of microvibration isolator constituent materials.”

2. KAIST-SSS-TN-2012, Kim, Joong-Kwan, “Passive flight stability inherent in flapping flight.”

1. KAIST-SSS-TN-2012, Park, Jae-Won, “KUH main rotor small-scale model wind tunnel test – SPR-based blade motion measurement.”



7. KAIST-SSS-TN-2011, Lee, Jun-Seong/Park, Kyoung-Keun, “Aerodynamic coefficients extraction method of aircraft using SPR method.”

6. KAIST-SSS-TN-2011, Lee, Jun-Seong, “Stability of limit-cycle oscillation in ornithopter flight.”

5.  KAIST-SSS-TN-2011, Park, Jae-Won, “Guide to Use an SDK2 and Real-time Processor of SPR System.”

4.  KAIST-SSS-TN-2011, Kim, Hong-Il, “Shape estimation of the Wind Turbine Tower based on the Strain from surface mounted FBG sensors.”

3. KAIST-SSS-TN-2011, Park, Jae-Won, “Fundamentals of shunted Piezoelectric Damper.”

2. KAIST-SSS-TN-2011, Yoon, Jae-San, “SATELIT(Space-Airborne TELescope Image analysis Tool)-Optical performance modeling for image simulation.”

1. KAIST-SSS-TN-2011, Kang, Lae-Hyong, “User Manual of Aeroelastic Analysis Program Using DHM Aerodynamic Force.”



18. KAIST-SSS-TN-2010, Lee, Jun-Seong/Kang, Choongil, “CEP improvement of short-range projectile using reciprocating air brakes.”

17. KAIST-SSS-TN-2010, Lee, Dong-Kyu, “Dynamic calibration method of MSBS.”

16. KAIST-SSS-TN-2010, Park, Jae-Won, “Analysis of Variance, ANOVA.”

15. KAIST-SSS-TN-2010, Lee, Dong-Kyu, “How to make animation using MATLAB.”

14. KAIST-SSS-TN-2010, Yoon, Jae-San, “Micro displacement measurement system design – using optical scale sensor.”

13. KAIST-SSS-TN-2010, Park, Jae-Won, “Detailed Instructions and Application on Eagle Motion Capture System.”

12. KAIST-SSS-TN-2010, Park, Jae-Won, “Summary of Instructions on Eagle Motion Capture System.”

11. KAIST-SSS-TN-2010, Yoon, Jae-San, “Optic–Structure Performance Analysis (OSPA)-Frame tool configuration.”

10. KAIST-SSS-TN-2010, Lee, Jong-Won, “Aerodynamics of Wind Turbine.”

9. KAIST-SSS-TN-2010, Lee, Jong-Won, “NREL 5MW Wind Turbine Geometric Data.”

8. KAIST-SSS-TN-2010, Lee, Jong-Won, “Load Prediction of  Wind Turbine Blade using MST and ADAMS.”

7. KAIST-SSS-TN-2010, Lee, Jong-Won, “Verification of  Wind Turbine Blade Structural Model using MSC/NASTRAN.”

6. KAIST-SSS-TN-2010, Lee, Dong-Kyu, “Simulation of 6-DOF Control of Magnetic Suspension and Balance System.”

5. KAIST-SSS-TN-2010, Kang, Lae-Hyong, “How to Make Animation Using Tecplot.”

4. KAIST-SSS-TN-2010, Kim, Joong-Kwan, “How to use MSC.ADAMS User-defined Subroution.”

3. KAIST-SSS-TN-2010, Yoon, Jae-San, “Chamber Component and Manual.”

2. KAIST-SSS-TN-2010, Lee, Dae-Oen, “Hybrid Vibration Isolation in Space Structures: Past Programs.”

1. KAIST-SSS-TN-2010, Lee, Dae-Oen, “Passive Damping Materials and Devices.”



12. KAIST-SSS-TN-2009, Lee, Dae-Oen, “Experimental statistical energy analysis.”

11. KAIST-SSS-TN-2009, Lee, Jun-Seong, “Modified strip Theory.”

10. KAIST-SSS-TN-2009, Lee, Jun-Seong, “Modified Seares’s Approach.”

9. KAIST-SSS-TN-2009, Lee, Jun-Seong, “A study on longitudinal flight trajectory optimization of model ornithopter.”

8. KAIST-SSS-TN-2009, Lee, Jun-Seong, “Optimal longitudinal flight controller design of ornithotper via bang-bang control and LQR control.”

7. KAIST-SSS-TN-2009, Lee, Jun-Seong, “A study on the flight simulation of flapping-wing flight.”

6. KAIST-SSS-TN-2009, Lee, Dong-Hun, “Development for the high-precision CTE measurement system.”

5. KAIST-SSS-TN-2009, Kim, Hong-Il, “3D formulation of the surface attached FBG sensors for measuring thermal expansion of the composite structure,”

4. KAIST-SSS-TN-2009, Kim, Hong-Il, and Lee, Dae-Oen, “Modal test using Pulse signal analyzer.”

3. KAIST-SSS-TN-2009, Kim, Hong-Il, “ANSYS parametric design language.”

2. KAIST-SSS-TN-2009, Lee, Dong-Hun, “Procedures for CTE/CME measurement of composite materials used in space environment.”

1. KAIST-SSS-TN-2009, Kang, Lae-Hyong, and Lee, Dong-Kyu, “Manufacturing method for FBG sensors.”



9. KAIST-SSS-TN-2008,  Lee, Jin-Young, “A study on modified strip theory for flapping-wing flight.”

8. KAIST-SSS-TN-2008, Kim, Hong-Il, “CTE measurement system with displacement measuring interferometer.”

7. KAIST-SSS-TN-2008, Lee, Dong-Hun, “Fabrication method for multilayer PZT.”

6. KAIST-SSS-TN-2008, Park, Ki-Yeon, “Measurement of permittivity and permeability of composite specimens using network analyzer.”

5. KAIST-SSS-TN-2008, Kim, Hong-Il, “Report for IPMC Manufacturing.”

4. KAIST-SSS-TN-2008, Lee, Jun-Seong, “Versa LASER Manual – Maintenance & Application.”

3. KAIST-SSS-TN-2008, Lee, Dong-Kyu, “How to use microprocessor.”

2. KAIST-SSS-TN-2008, Lee, Dong-Hun, and Lee, Dae-Oen, “Report on the measurement of mechanical properties of composite materials used in aerospace.”

1. KAIST-SSS-TN-2008, Lee, Dae-Oen, and Lee, Dong-Hun, “Tensile and shear experiment for determining mechanical properties of a composite.”



1. KAIST-SSS-TN-2006, Oh, Seung-Hoon, “Thermal Deformation & Vibration Analysis: The Effects of Calculation manners & methods.”


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