b. Bio-inspired Ornithopter

Principal Investigator: Jae-Hung Han
Participating Researcher: Addo-Akoto Reynolds
Related Projects: NRF-UVARC(한국연구재단-무인이동체원천기술개발사업단)

Bioinspired ornithopter research group in the SSHS Lab. ultimately pursues the development of agile, stable, and autonomous ornithopter platforms, motivated from the flight mechanism/control strategy of biological flyers. We are seeking efficient methodologies for modeling structural, aerodynamic, and flight dynamic characteristics of ornithopters through investigating semi-empirical flapping-wing aerodynamic model, modal-based flexible multi-body dynamics, and system identification strategy using Magnetic Suspension and Balance System (MSBS). For more detailed research activities, refer to the contents below or our multimedia channel.

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1. Goal

– Develop efficient computational methods to simulate the unsteady aerodynamics of insect flapping wings.

– Study the characteristics of dynamic flight stability of insect-like flapping-wing MAVs.

2. Approaches

– Computational models based on the potential flow theory for the unsteady aerodynamics of insect flapping wings

– Multi-flexible body dynamics simulation

3. Past Achievements

▶ SF-3 design and development

– Computer-based design approach for the SF-3 development

SSHS Lab ornithopter, SF-3 simulation model and HW prototype

SSHS Lab ornithopter SF-3 HSC recording for pitch attitude tracking experiment

▶ Wing beat frequency-dependent multiple trim conditions of the ornithopters

– Inherently oscillatory flight states at trimmed flights due to the flapping motion
– Multiple trim conditions with respect to the wing beat frequency (characterized as a stable limit-cycle oscillation)
– Stable limit-cycle trim trajectories: recovered to trim condition after the disturbance

▶ Pitch attitude stabilization for the ornithopter flight

– Ornithopters suffer from constantly oscillating flight dynamic characteristics due to their inherent flapping propulsion mechanisms, and it degrades the quality of obtained image/video
– Bioinspired preshaped tail wing motion (harmonic & phasically synchronized w/ main wing motion)
– Prediction-Error Method (PEM) for the system identification
– LQG regulator design for pitch stabilization, and comparison with Bioinspired preshaped motion

▶ Flow Visualization and Aerodynamic Characteristics of an Insect-like Flapping

Hovering Flight with PIV Analysis


Forward Flight Test using Flapping Robot

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