Previous Research

The following topics are our past researches. If you want to know further, please contact to Prof. Han Jae-hung.

01. Gun Blast Wave Model and Aircraft Vibration Analysis (PDF Version 163Kb)
– Establishment of free field wave model using Friedlander waveform and scaling approach
– Estimation of March reflection wave model by CFD calculation
– Verification of 3D gun blast wave model by comparison with experimental data
– Dynamic response analyses for repeated blast wave pressure

02. Substructure Synthesis for Structural Nonlinearities (PDF Version 156Kb)
– Deployable missile control pin and pantograph tilting structure
– Nonlinear hinge joint model using system id.
– Verification of control fin model by comparison with experimental data
– Pantograph tilting structure consisting of base and sledge frames coupled with sliding mode condition

03. a title=”Inflatable Structures” (PDF Version 177Kb)

04. Biomimetic Flapping Wing Using Smart Materials (PDF Version 154Kb)
– Development of smart flapping wing using MFC actuator to change the camber
– Measurement of dynamic performance for several flight conditions from wind tunnel tests

05. Optical Fiber Sensors and Sensing-Patch (PDF Version 175Kb)
– Structural monitoring of large civil structures, aircraft and space structures
– Experimental results show that the proposed sensing-patch does not have non-linear behavior of conventional EFPI and hyteresis of piezoelectric material

06. SMA Hybrid Composite Materials (PDF Version 155Kb)
– Applying shape memory alloy actuators to composite beam and plate, we tested its structural dynamic characteristics.

07. Adaptive Vibration Control (PDF Version 76Kb)
– Adaptive PPF control and adaptive shunting were used for cantilever beam control

08. Semi-Active Vibration Control (PDF Version 146Kb)
– Using Electro-Rheological(ER) fluid, we constructed semi-active shock absorber and performed drop test to evaluate its performance.
– We fabricated a composite plate with embedded ER fluid. It was analysed by layerwise displacement theory and performed structural control experiment.

09. Flutter Suppression (PDF Version 114Kb)
– Wind tunnel test of aeroelastic systems (composite plate with fiber obtic sensor and PZT actuator)
– We used neuro-adaptive controller to suppress the limit cycle oscillation under flutter boundary.

10. Stealth Technology and EM Concepts for RAS (PDF Version 108Kb)
– Minimization of electronic signature to avoid enemy detection in modern weapon-system
– Electronic signaure minimization based on RAM(Radar Absorbing Material) and RAS(Radar Absorbing Structure)
– We fabricated EM wave absorbing materials: dielectric or magnetic lossy materials mixed iwth flexible mediums such as rubber or epoxy etc.

11. Biomimetic Actuator Design of IPMC

<Entire contents Download! (PDF Version 1.27MB)>

12. Development and Testing of 3-axis Hybrid Mesh Isolator  (PDF Version 184Kb)
– Developement of  3-axis isolator for pyroshock isolation:
3-axis hybrid mesh isolator manufactured by knitting both pseudoelastic SMA wire and general metal wire
– Test verification of the developed isolator:
Quasi-static loading tests, random vibration tests, pyroshock tests

13. Dimensional Stability of Optical Payload Structure  (PDF Version 4.9MB)
– Developement of  Measurement System for Hygro/Thermal deformation of Composite:
Precise optical interferometer/optical scale sensor measurement system
– Framework Analyzing Optical Performance Degradation due to Dimensional Instability of Payload Structure:
Degradation due to jitter/de-space phenomena

14. Pre-Stressed PZT Actuator  (PDF Version 592KB)
– Development of a new fabrication method for a pre-stressed piezoelectric unimorph at room temperature.
– Evaluation of piezoelectric nonlinear characteristics.
– Actuation performance prediction of PUMPS

15. 3-D shape Estimation/DST  (PDF Version 2.02MB)
-Real-time 3D shape estimation of the aerospace structures based on DST (Displacement-Strain Transformation) concept using various sensors such as FBG(fiber Bragg grating), strain gauges, accelerometer and so on.

16. Eco-Energy & HALE UAV (PDF Version 450KB)
– Developement of a systematic sizing method that can be used to determine feasibility of a Solar Cell UAV for a given mission and to derive preliminary specification in order to minimize trial and error involved in designing Solar Cell UAVs
– Implement the eco-energy system to the UAV as a part of the next generation power system research center for national defense (KIER/ADD/DAPA).

17. Smart Wind Turbine Blades (PDF Version 470Kb)
– Modal-based flexible multi-body dynamics
– Semi-empirical aerodynamic model
– TEF mechanism and control algorithm design
– Performance verification of the designed TEF and controller

18. Projectile Trajectory Control (PDF Version 523Kb)
– CFD method development for supersonic steady condition
– Verification of the CFD method
– Evaluation of the nose deflection of the missile
– Classify performance of the controller and missile

19. Bioinspired ornithopter platform development (PDF Version 225Kb)
– For the successful implementation of the designed control algorithms, development of sound and robust ornithopter platform is indispensable. We are developing series of ornithopter platforms which can be used as a testbed of our idea.

20. Satellite Jitter Analysis and Isolation (PDF Version 1.01Mb)
– Integrated framework for analyzing the effects of vibration on the pointing stability and performance of high precision satellite payloads
– Modular hybrid microvibration isolation devices

21. Intelligent Multiple Autonomous Defense System (PDF Version 188Kb)
– Indoor technical demonstration
– Using KARPE(KAIST Arena of Real-time Positioning Environment) Motion Capture System
– Using Quadrotors for agents

22. Real-Time Shape Estimation [Link]
– Estimate the structure shapes during operation using a fiber optic sensor
– Develop effective algorithms for displacement-strain relationships

23. Flow Control Technology for Vibration Load Reduction [Link]
– Develop a new type of the plasma actuator having enhanced performance
– Develop reliable plasma actuator performance prediction model embedded on conventional CFD
– Develop aerospace flow control device using plasma actuator

24. Deployable Scissor Structure [Link]
– Establishment of the mathematical model of deployable scissors structures and Analysis of the bending stiffness of deployable scissors structures through modal analysis.

25. Analysis of Dynamic Behavior of Spin Stabilization using Spin Table System [Link]
– Development of a simulation environment to describe a separation behavior of a payload when separated from a spin table of a launch vehicle.
– Identification of key variables of spin table for manufacture.

26. Vision-Based Monitoring System [Link]
– Develop a new concept of structural health monitoring system with vision-based system
– Demonstrate frequency-based structural damage detection using the vision-based monitoring system with phase-based mention magnification and applying a real-value genetic algorithm

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