SSHS LAB’s Research Area

1. Shock & Vibration Control 
a. Shock Wave Manipulation 
b. Passive and Active Shock & Vibration Control 
c. Shock Absorbing Structures
d. Aeroelasticity: flutter and flow-induced vibration 

2. Space Structure
a. Deployable Space Structure
a-1. Origami-based Deployable Structure for 3D Volumetric Applications
a-2. Deployable truss structure with flat-form storability
b. Satellite Structure Design Including μ-vibration Mitigation

3. AI-based Smart System
a. Self-learning MAV system using Magnetic Suspension and Balance System (MSBS)
a-1. Pseudo flight environment
a-2. Magnetic levitation based self-learning MAV
b. Aerial docking system

4. Flapping Wing Air Vehicles
a. Integrated Simulation for FW vehicles
b. Development and Flight testing of Bio-inspired Ornithopter

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