About SSHS Lab.

Welcome to “Smart Structures and H/W Systems Laboratory”.

The research goal of SSHS Lab. @KAIST is to develop high-impact engineering solutions for various aerospace applications. The developed technologies and H/W systems are based on deep understanding on the mechanical principles such as dynamics, mechanics of materials, and structural dynamics. In addition, the use of smart materials and IT technologies (AI, vision, and micro controllers) give us an opportunity to design aerospace structures and H/W systems with better performances such as lower vibration and higher pointing precision.

Current sponsored research topics at SSHS include shock wave propagation control, shock-absorbing structures, deployable space structures, satellite structure design considering micro vibration, aerial docking system for UAVs, bio-inspired flapping air vehicles, new Balance and suspension system for wind tunnel testing (MSBS: Magnetic Suspension and Balance System and CSBS: Cable Suspension and Balance System), among other topics.

These developed technologies are mainly targeted on domestic aerospace and defense programs; however, we are also interested in the technology demonstration through some “lab models” such as “Bio-inspired Ornithopters”, “UAVs for SHM demonstration”, and “Self-learning MAV using MSBS”.

– World class research in smart structures and hardware systems

– Best students with practical experiences

– More benefit through active (international and domestic) collaborations

Key words: smart structure, smart hardware, smart materials, design, control, aerospace structures, multi-functional, structural dynamics, vibration, stability, flow-structure interaction, flapping-wing, bio-inspired, ornithopter, MAV

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