Jun. 2011 Opened the KARPE (KAIST Arena Real-time Positioning Environment)

Sep. 2009 “Triple S Lab.” is appointed as National Space Lab. (NSL)

Feb. 2008 First Ph.D. student graduated. (Ph.D. D.-K. Kim)

Mar. 2007 “Triple S Lab.” was founded. (#1305 of N7 building)

Feb. 2005 First M.S. student graduated. (M.S. L.-H. Kang)

Mar. 2003 Form a research group (Smart Aerospace Structures and Components group) in ISVC Lab.

Sep. 2003 First Ph.D. student joined. (Mr. D.-K. Kim)

Mar. 2003 First M.S. students joined. (Mr. L.-H. Kang)

Feb. 2003 Prof. Han joined AE, KAIST

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