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Unmanned Vehicle Advanced Research Center (UVARC) at KAIST (AE Department) is founded by the National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF) !

SSS Lab. (Prof. Han) – System H/W Research Center
The research fund is 121 billion KRW (about 10 million USD) for 7 years (by NRF)

LiCS Lab. (Prof. Choi) – Autonomous
The research fund is 106 billion KRW (about 8.8 million USD) for 7 years (by NRF)

< 무인이동체 연구단 선정 >
과기정통부에서 주관하는 무인이동체원천기술개발사업단에서 공모한 연구단 사업에서 우리 학과 한재흥, 최한림 교수가 각각 시스템H/W연구단, 자율지능연구단장으로 선정되어 향후 7년간 121억, 106억원의 연구비를 지원받을 예정이다. 이 사업에는 우리 학과의 이정률, 방효충, 안재명, 이창훈 교수도 참여하며, 국내 무인이동체 원천기술을 향상시키는데 기여할 예정이다. 또한 두 연구단은 공동으로 KAIST 무인이동체원천기술연구센터를 설립 예정이다.
Prof. Jae-Hung Han and three students, Yeol-Hun Sung, Yongha Hwang, and Hyeon Ho Yang, attended 2020 KASA Spring Conference held at Goseong, Gangwon-do from July 8 to 10, 2020. 

The followings are titles of presentation: 

Development of subsystem for deep reinforcement learning of MAV based on ground-emulated free flight test using magnetic levitation, by Y.-H. Sung, D.-K. Lee, and J.-H. Han. 

Development of 3.5m class UAV for simultaneous proof-of-concept of autonomous flight and SHM,  Y.-H. Sung, K.-W. Hong, and J.-H. Han. (poster session)

Structural Weight Reduction of Hoverbike Air Vehicle Frame, by Y.-H. Hwang, D.-H. Hwang, and J.-H. Han

Design of Revolute Joint with Bi-stability using Permanent Magnets, H.-H Yang, and J.-H. HanImage attachment
On Jun. 16, 2020, KAIST-KISTI Joint Research Center Opening Ceremony was held at KAIST. 

Prof. Jae-Hung Han (co-director of the center) presented a milestone and mission & vision of the center. He also participated in a panel discussion.

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SSS Blog

Dr. Juho Lee (former student at SSS Lab., KAIST) has been appointed as Assistant Professor at Aerospace Engineering Dep., University of Ulsan.

Congratulation Dr.Lee.
Wishing you all the best in your new appointment.
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